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If you have a heart for seeing the children of New Jersey reached with the Gospel, your abilities and ideas would be a blessing on a local committee.  The CEF ministry is committee led, and we are always in need of new members.

After School Good News Club® Sponsor

Get your church excited about taking God’s Word into the public schools and become a part of this movement that is sweeping America.

5-Day Club® Host

Would you like to have an eternal impact in your neighborhood?  Have a team of summer missionaries come to your home this summer to teach for a week.  Click here to find out more!

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County Goals

By 2015 we hope to be supporting and enabling churches to run 50 Good News Clubs in Elementary Schools throughout the county!

Summer Missions

What are you doing with your summer?  Do children in your neighborhood need to know Christ’s love?  Click here to find out more!



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Statistics show the vast majority of Christians meet the Lord as a young child.  We seek to target that desperately needy people group wherever God opens a door.  Romans 3:23 makes it clear we all need to experience the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ.  Who could be better to accept that gift than a young child?  Is there a reason you are not praying about sharing that amazing gift with children in your community? 

Contact the state office for questions about being active in Camden County -